About Me

Hey There! I'm AmyLyn.

I'm 26 and a Director of Youth Services for a YMCA here in Charlotte, NC. I have a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Health Communication and a minor in Public Health from the University of North Caroline at Charlotte. I use this blog to write about everything I love:

My Stella Bear. She's a pure-bred black lab. 4 years old and 62 Lbs. I call her my bear because she's like having a big teddy bear that snuggles back. She's still in her "terrible twos" and as long as she stays as well behaved as she is, I'd like her to keep that energy forever.

All these crazy people are just some of my family and friends, yea you'll hear about them too. They're pretty great.

Coffee (well, I love Wawa too), Wine, Fitness and Food and Chocolate!
Shopping, traveling, books, crafts and So Much More.

My next steps are to enter the career world, jump back into some of my passions, fall in love with new places and people; and experience so much more of what life has to offer. Won't you come along for the ride?

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