Sunday, April 10, 2016

Living the Whole Life

Happy April Friends!

I've got to say, truly taking care of yourself makes a huge difference in every aspect of your life.

So, since I didn't wrap up my Whole 30 notes with you properly, here's what was wonderful about my Whole30:
  • Perfect Skin
  • Fitting into size 6 pants (comfortably)
  • Endless amounts of energy
  • Really awesome workouts
  • The optimism that comes with feeling really great about yourself
How did it wrap up?
  • Getting WINE back was glorious.
  • Pretty much everything else made me sick, cranky or bloated
That being said, I was very excited to find a Facebook group jumping into a Whole60 that was starting on April 1st. I did make some changes to fit my needs this time around:
  1. Since I am doing this more as a continuous support instead of a body reset I am drinking during this Whole60, just limiting it.
  2. I built in cheat days (just 2), because I have made some plans that are just not going to allow for an easy eating experience.
  3. This time around I made a goal to double my workouts. So far, I've been successful at this goal with Hot Yoga, Crossfit and a run. This week, I'm going to shoot for 6 days.
So, since my eating is giving me energy, making me feel fantastic, has my skin glowing, has me recovering from workouts like a champ, has raised my spirits, etc, etc, etc... I am working on getting my life even more "Whole". The wonderful folks that wrote the Whole30, also have another piece of lifestyle support called the Whole9. Will you join me as I continue to round out my life? 

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