Monday, February 22, 2016

Lifestyle Changes: Step 2

Step 2: Make your Decision, Devise a Plan, and Dive in.

I need the accountability of a plan to stick to any lifestyle change.

Some of the things that were a part of my decision making and my plan were: a list of food I know I will get tired of eating. A list of affordable foods that I would be comfortable eating day after day. A master grocery list (separated by which grocery store carries the food at it's freshest and cheapest). Purging my kitchen of everything that would tempt me to make poor choices. Buying the books.

Just to recap my last post . I did some research on which Healthy Lifestyle Change plan I was going to embark on for Lent and I ended up choosing the Whole30.

Even though I decided to do the Whole30 for Lent, I started a few days late. The reason being is because if you fault on the Whole30, you are supposed to start all over again, and I had plans on Valentine's weekend that I knew would blow the start of my plan.

I cleaned out my kitchen about 2 full weeks before I knew I was going to start the plan, and it was helpful to almost be "forced" to choose something I could have. I felt like it was a trial run, can I really go 30 days without cheese??? Before I started the plan and after I cleaned all the "bad" out of my kitchen, I ate EVERYTHING I wanted for 3 days straight- cheese, pizza, chai lattes, breakfast sandwiches, the best bruschetta in town, sweets. Yes, I spent too much money eating out for 3 days but I was fat and happy for the last few days before starting the plan.

"So What's the Big Deal"?? : The Whole30 actually has a timeline of how you should feel throughout the course of the program. The first day I started the Whole30, Charlotte had a "snow day" which means that I was not prepared to eat correctly. I did well, but did not experience the euphoria of Day 1. I also did not experience "The Hangover" which is days 2 and 3, maybe that means my "trial run" worked well?? Or "Kill all the Things" which are days 4 & 5. I am ALWAYS prepared for a nap, so I am going to count days 6 & 7 ("I just want a nap...") as a win for being on track with how most people feel.

Most difficult part of the Whole30 this week: I find it very difficult to actually eat 3 full meals everyday. Especially breakfast at breakfast time.
Most difficult food to avoid this week: undeniably cheese.
Best find this week: compliant Roast Beef- it was glorious.
Favorite meal this week: Roast beef lettuce wraps!
How I feel this week: Hungry, starving actually. I feel like I have eaten far too much food and yet not enough at the same time. I also feel as though my focus has been slightly off (from hunger) and surprisingly I feel like I have more energy already.

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