Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#LOVEweek2015 and I need some LOVE.

Just in case you don't follow all of my social media accounts, and you aren't aware that it is the most exciting week of the year to be a member of Elevation Church (link to this year's love week sermon!)!! #LOVEweek2015 I've included all of my links so you can see all of the exciting things that I've been participating in!
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If you've never heard of LOVE week- you are missing out! LOVE week is a week that was created by Elevation Church. First, let me tell you a little bit about my church: Elevation exists so that "people far from God, will be raised to life in Christ" and they do this well through inspiring the people of their church to participate in the 4Gs (growth, giving, gifts and groups). LOVE week is the BEST week to see all of this happen! Now, let's get to what LOVE week is! LOVE week is an annual experience of how God is working in our city! There are always opportunities to volunteer with and through Elevation, but LOVE week is a movement of God. This year there are : 1,227 events with over 200 organizations which includes everything from Bingo Games, Habitat Houses, School Supply collections, Blood donations, and helping serve food! (plus many more). It is amazing what we can do in our own backyard if we just open our eyes and our hearts to the opportunity!
Why I love LOVE week: My heart thrives on doing for others. I have had a difficult time serving on a consistent basis while I've lived in Charlotte because I never seem to have a regular schedule. LOVE week makes it easy- I can squeeze in serving every single day if I do it strategically. While I've served in Love week the past few years in a very minimal sense, last year was the year that made me love it. I committed to 20 hours of service through the week and I met so many people and experienced so much of what God truly intended for us that I just couldn't get enough. This year I have signed up for 35 hours, and while I won't actually be able to complete all 35 I am excited to serve about 30 hours this week!!!!! My favorite events are always: painting parties, helping at the Vault (Love week warehouse), giving blood (which is the most exhausting event- but cookies make it better), and furniture building for kids in need! There is a "final" party for LOVE week which is the Live Recording that happens on Friday night! -there are still tickets if you're in the Charlotte area!
Despite the movement of God that I have had the opportunity to experience this week, I am personally having a little bit of a rough week. My sweet tooth is currently getting me through it (that's a s'mores oreo!), but I do think I could use some encouragement. 
This is not something I feel very often, but this week I am lonely- not in the spiritual sense, just in the I could really use a friend to grab a coffee with me sense.

I spend a lot of time alone- not lonely, just alone. I function well that way and I just invite my friends to participate in everything that I normally do- many times I go it alone, which is fine we have different priorities when it comes to spending our money and a lot of times its great because I get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with certain friends. But occasionally, like this week, when I ask do you want to come serve with me, or do you want to do such and such with me I'm really asking will you please do such and such with me- I could use your company. I just don't know how to ask so that they know that's what I'm asking. 

It's kind of silly that I say I spend a lot of time alone, because at work I can't get a second to myself, but it is a different kind of alone.

My loneliness is directly related to my energy level which is currently on the floor along with my fitness level this summer- we'll all get back to normal in about a week. But I also feel just down, defeated and exhausted- I don't feel successful at work- it feels like giving your all is never going to be enough, I don't make enough to take care of myself the right way- which is making me feel like I'm failing at home, I need to make a moving decision soon and I can't afford to move, nor can I afford to stay, nor can I afford to live by myself anymore. Isn't it supposed to get easier?

I clearly am not a comfortable person asking for help- I know I'll get through it and be I'm fine really. I just need a good hug. Can I have one of those?

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